Temptation Of Wolves (늑대의 유혹)

One could acknowledge the elemental basis of
all Korean romance/comedy flicks are the tough guy
and shy girl combination (which is interchangeable),
a triangle love relationship and perhaps a touch of incest.
However what makes Romance of their Own different?

It does not lie in the adaptation from internet story
to silver screen (My Sassy Girl) or the tear-jerking normative characteristics
of a Kmovie but it’s portrayal of the characters.
Within movies, audiences search for characteristics that
they are familiar with, that they can understand.
Han Kyung (Lee Cheong Ah) arrives a Seoul to live with
her mother and he step family, frustrated and heart broken that
her childhood first love is now going out with
her other childhood best friend. She meets Hae-won (Jo Han Seon)
a tough guy that falls for her. It’s refreshing to see
Han Kyung (Lee Cheong Ah) resemble a normal Korean girl,
reflects the modern day “Prince Charming” minus the aura of coolness,
stubbornness, and ignorant distinctiveness. Making girls swoon
once again is Tae-song (Kang Dong Won), adding more complication
to the plot and the movie falls directly under the category of audience
knowing the answers before the protagonist does.

The Love triangle between Tae Song, Hae-won and Han Kyung
would have classified it as a teenage romance flick,
but the complications between the characters gives the story more depth.

Having read the internet novel, the adaptation was sufficient and
true to the author’s work. My only criticism in is adaptation
should have been to drama rather then movie. Little details that made
the book such a success in Asia would have done
the same put in a visual drama.

A bittersweet romance to warm the hearts and tears of all that watch it.
The screenplay's very witty and highly entertaining.
A much better movie then “He was cool” by the same author.
The characters well-casted, with some simple but sweet moments
that is refined by the cinematography (fight scene in the beginning)
gives an added sense into the characters.This movie is really for the
“hopeless romantics” but has a bit for everyone, credible fight scenes,
comedy and romance.

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